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Hello, my name is Dennis, and I started SystemRazors to bring a premium quality shave at affordable prices for everyone.

My brief story may sound familiar to you. I started shaving in the 70s and loved the twin-blade system razor. Bit by bit, the razor companies started promoting three, four, and five blade systems. Local stores instantly dropped the old and made way for the new. Begrudgingly I was forced to scrap my old system and buy the new. With each new system, prices soared, now approaching $4 a blade in some cases.

You may have tried to fight back by buying store brands or those cheap disposables, but the quality was so poor that you had no choice to go back to your trusty and pricey system razors. When my wife (who usually has little trouble when it comes to shopping and spending) recently asked me to buy the blades for our family because she just couldn’t succumb to their exorbitant prices, it gave me the idea to try and find low-cost alternatives without sacrificing quality.

After months of trying samples from razor companies worldwide, I am happy to report that I was able to find three fantastic products at great prices. The first system is called the Black Beauty. This is a twin-blade fixed head system with a premium mid-weight handle. The second system is called the Zing. This is a twin-blade pivoting head system with a premium lightweight handle. Our third find is an imported product called Super Rockets, which fits the wildly popular Gillette Mach 3 handle at a fraction of the cost.

I can’t overstate how important finding great quality was to this project. These blades are as smooth and sharp as their pricier Gillette and Schick counterparts. Then when you factor in the price savings, I think you’ll agree that these are total winners!

Of course we also stock the popular razors as well. We scour many sources to try and bring you the best possible prices. We purchase items in bulk packaging when available & pass the savings to you.

We encourage you to try any of our excellent low cost alternatives. Anyone can pay big bucks for a great shave – the trick is getting a great shave and paying a lot less! You now have a choice!


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